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In the 1930's the Langholm Estates where managed by Kathy's grandfather, Jack Legg and was owned by the Slezenger Organization. The estates were formed as a conglomeration of farms that would produce fruits such as grapes, pears and pineapples.
These estates covered a distance of 10 000 hectares. Later they turned into beef and dairy farms and then also had a cheese factory during the Second World War, producing Gouda cheese.
The estates were later divided into thousands of plots with the idea of forming a small village similar to the original Langholm in Scotland. A primary school, tennis club and Methodist Church were built but only the church still remains and operates today.
A small hand full of the plots were sold and the idea of a village was no longer in sight.
The plots were divided up into medium sized farms and sold off.
The Arnolds own the bulk of the Langholm Estates including the original homestead that includes a narrow gauge railway siding, dairy, butter factory, original farmhouse and the cheese factory which are all unfortunately no longer in use.

The Arnolds bought Langholm in 1989 and are currently farming pineapples and beef. The Bed and Breakfast is situated in the restored managers cottage.